Frost Mage PvP Spec (MoP 5.4)

This 5.4 Frost Mage PvP Spec is meant for battlegrounds and maybe some world PvP with friends. If you’re doing Rbgs you may wanna change a few of the talents up.

Note: If you’re looking to always have your Mage at the top of the charts
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Tier 1 Presence of Mind
Normally this is a must have for solo situations against other players. The only time you want to switch this out for Ice Floes, is when you’re pvping with a group or doing the bigger battlegrounds, e.g. Alterac Valley, and Isle of Conquest.


Tier 2 – Ice Barrier
Even with the recent nerfs to Ice Barrier it’s still the best talent in this tier. The absorption effect is a godsend against stealthies and hunters.


Tier 3 – Ring of Frost
Great way to keep multiple targets at bay while running or trying to pick them off one by one.


Tier 4 – Cold Snap
All three tier 4 talents are great for PvP. I usually choose to have Cold Snap over Cauterize though for Frost. Invisibility also helps in a lot of situations.


Tier 5 – Frost Bomb
The slow doesn’t last that long, but it does give you enough time for another spell. Plus the damage is very good.


Tier 6 – Incanter’s Ward
Since we our clothies it doesn’t take very long to take us down, so the main reason for picking this up is for defensive purposes.


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