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Fire Mage PvP Spec 7.1.5

This is an up-to-date Fire Mage PvP Spec 7.1.5 for World of Warcraft Legion. Can be used for arena, battlegrounds, rbgs, etc…

PvP Tip: Topping the charts is EASY… just copy what the PROS DO!
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Fire Mage PvP Spec 7.1.5  (Top Talents)

Level 15 – Pyromaniac
This ability will proc often, giving you the chance to setup many DPS combos in PvP.

Level 30 – Cold Snap
This ability let’s you take more chances while you PvP, as your defensive capabilities will dramatically increase when using it.

Level 45 – Incanter’s Flow
Allows you to setup damage combos against tougher players in PvP.

Level 60 – Flame On
Another great talent for setting up damage combos on players.

Level 75 – Ice Ward
This talent will significantly increase your defensive and offensive capabilities.

Level 90 – Living Bomb
Nice way to get some damage over time effects on several players at once.

Level 100 – Meteor
Really nice talent to pickup for a Fire Mage, as all your stuns synergize well with it.


IMPORTANT UPDATE (nasty emails): Lately I’ve been getting a ton of nasty emails about this mage PvP spec. And I mean real nasty… Sorry if you don’t like the spec guys but I find it to be the most optimal, giving my playstyle and the current nerfs.

If you’re not happy with it, then I recommend checking out the addon I’m currently using. The addon does cost money, but you get lifetime updates so every single patch you will have the most optimal PvP builds, stats, gems, macros, and rotations for every one of your classes, which is pretty nice!

If you’re interested, below is a video of mine on making fire mage macros.


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