Fire Mage PvP Spec (MoP 5.4)

This 5.4 Fire Mage PvP Spec is meant for battlegrounds and maybe some world PvP with friends. If you’re doing Rbgs you may wanna change a few of the talents up.

Note: If you’re looking to always have your Mage at the top of the charts
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Tier 1 – Scorch

This comes in very handy, especially in PvP. It will keep you mobile, so you can widen the gap on enemies while still dishing out damage.


Tier 2 – Ice Barrier
Even with all the nerfs Ice Barrier has gotten it’s still a must have for it’s absorption effect. Stops people from slowing down your cast time and still absorbs quite a lot of damage.


Tier 3 – Ring of Frost
Great way to control multiple targets at the same time, so you can run away or start dpsing them down one by one.


Tier 4 – Cold Snap
Not only does it heal you for quite a bit, but also it will reset the cooldown on some very important cooldowns. It basically has the power to turn the tide of any fight.


Tier 5 – Living Bomb
Does great aoe and single target damage. Plus just like Scorch, this will keep you mobile in PvP.


Tier 6 – Incanter’s Ward
Rune of Power is also really good for Fire Mages, it just depends on your playstyle. If you do a lot of solo PvP and like to go in alone, Incanter’s Ward is the way to go.


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